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Mystic Mountain Acres Since purchasing this property in 2006 my healing has jumped in all directions, I love where I live, the trees, my animals, the land and the mountains, has taken me in and made me rediscover my life in every positive way. Spirit has been pushing me to open my Healing Spa and Retreats, so the time is right to share it with others.

Goofing around.
Beginning the trek of a life time Peru 2009

"Today I have grown taller from walking with the trees."
~ Karle Wilson Baker

About Fay

I have endured quite a bit of trauma in my life ; Being sexually abused from the age of 5 until 14 by a family member, and just recently coming out to my family has been the most amazing journey yet. The support from my husband, children, mother and sisters has given me the push to believe in myself and to know that I can help others. A car accident when I was 15 years old, with my best friend losing her life and living with survivors guilt until I was 38 years old because I lived and she died,(we were hit by a drunk semi-truck driver) not to long after the accident as I was dealing with the anxiety, fear, self blame, shock, anger and hopelessness, I tried to take my own life by taking a huge amount of pills. It was during this time at the ripe old age of 16, I said to myself “What the Hell” are you doing? I still had all the fear, anxiety, shame, self- blame, self-doubt, powerless, depression, feeling unloved from the abuse and the accident, But I slowly started turning myself into a survivor instead of a victim, I went on to have two more close calls with death and each time I asked Spirit, if it’s my time, Fine, If not what is it that I’am to change. My journey has taught me to learn to love myself, be proud of myself and to move forward in my life. And to know that we can all make the changes if we put our heart into it. Difficult times teach you a lot about yourself. No matter how painful, a light shines within, which is your spiritual essence. Your soul wants to be heard, and to get in touch with your soul is key to celebrating the wonderful being that you are.

Fay is a Reiki Master, Certified in Colour Energy Therapy and have studied Crystal Healing, Reflexology & Stones I have completed my Cosmology and Rights of Passage with the Rainbow Jaguar Institute Cusco Peru in 2009. I have also enjoyed doing an Animal Spirit Guide workshop with Dr. Steven Farmer, Angel Intuitive with Doreen Virtue and many more though out my life. Fay is a facilitator on “The Power of Colour” Colour Therapy is one of the fastest growing areas in natural health. It is now being used as a complementary treatment for a wide variety of health issues and to improve well being and emotional conditions. Colour is a powerful tool. Colour affects our moods and behavior and has a major influence over our happiness, health and well-being.

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