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Our Women Retreatsare intended to help women who wish to transform their lives or find out who they are and connect to their inner wisdom. They allow you to uncover skills and techniques to promote balance, harmony, creativity, self-discovery, clarity and focus in your day-to- day life in a natural peaceful place. Our retreats are small with 10-15 women; creating a trusting environment and are held from June Sept. The workshops will be held outdoors depending on the weather so we ask you to wear comfortable clothing for the weather, and please consider not wearing any perfume.

We offer 3, 2 & 1 Day Retreats at the property which are about Re- discovering who you are. Women's retreats are essential for allowing women to take time for themselves, find support from other women, and to get in touch with themselves, letting go of fear, guilt and the past, because when you leave those three out, you can only go forward to happiness, joy, positive, grateful and be present.

2018 Schedule still to be decided.

What you seek is seeking you.


We have decided to focus on what we do best: Healing the mind, body and spirit. There are many wonderful B&B's, Hotels, Motels, Cabins & Resorts located in Clearwater & area. Clearwater is very busy during the Summer months and fill up fast.

Half-Moon Guest House 250-674- 4199 and Tanglewood 250-674- 3537 are very close to us. KOA / Clearwater Valley Resort has camping facilities with showers and accommodations.

Check out the Retreat Schedules for dates, Time, costs.

Dislaimer; We provide a nurturing and safe environment and our Retreats are thoughtfully planned, but no responsibility can be taken for any injuries incurred during the Retreats. Mystic Mountain Acres and all subsidiaries will incur no responsibility for any injury physical or emotional that you may incur.

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